A man's penis that is so long that it will either dip or lay in the bowl of a toilet when he is defecating
That boy's got a poop dick...poor bastard.
by Grmmus T Willikins April 25, 2006
extremely stupid, not worthy of speaking.
Wow, listen to Jon talk he is such a poopdick!
by rumproast September 26, 2004
any kind of bad or negative vibe
"Where do you want to go tonight?
"I can't go out. I have work early tomorrow."
"Oh, man. That's poopdick."
by Keg & Spoon March 01, 2006
a gay man is considered a poop dick
dude that guy is for sure a poop dick
by m4helm March 22, 2004
n. A black man's very large unshapely black penis that resembles a log of shit.
"Oh Brianne, I heard you fucked Jamaal."
"Yeah, Jenny, it was pretty good, except for his fucking poop dick."
by yondaddy January 20, 2008
a poopdick is one who engages in gay sex. therefore he is a poopdick.
dude john had sex with bill.
Really? i didnt know he was a poop dick
by kmill February 15, 2007
A fake name used to prank the Dianetics hotline. *67-1-800-367-8788
Dedicated to Justin Ukasick.
"Dianetics Hotline, can I help you?"
"Hi my name is Poop Dick, I got poop on my dick."
by David Marks June 26, 2006

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