A person who doesnt have the motivation to do anything; a lazy asshole.
"dude ryan manning you want to go to the mall?" "No i would rather just sleep and stay inside and do nothing, i am a poopdick"
by j-bonerr October 12, 2011
Poopdick is when 2 male high school or college lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, or rugby players engage in anal sex, resulting in one of their penises being coated in fecal matter. Poopdick has been known to take place in places such as Berkeley, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Albany, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Kansas City, MO, and Manchester, NH.
Dude, I was fuckin' this girl in the ass, and she totally sharded on my dick, man!

Ewww gross! Poopdick! Awww..... Now It's on both our dicks....
by Chadbrochill127 April 01, 2010
n. A black man's very large unshapely black penis that resembles a log of shit.
"Oh Brianne, I heard you fucked Jamaal."
"Yeah, Jenny, it was pretty good, except for his fucking poop dick."
by yondaddy January 20, 2008
a poopdick is one who engages in gay sex. therefore he is a poopdick.
dude john had sex with bill.
Really? i didnt know he was a poop dick
by kmill February 15, 2007
any kind of bad or negative vibe
"Where do you want to go tonight?
"I can't go out. I have work early tomorrow."
"Oh, man. That's poopdick."
by Keg & Spoon March 01, 2006
extremely stupid, not worthy of speaking.
Wow, listen to Jon talk he is such a poopdick!
by rumproast September 26, 2004
a gay man is considered a poop dick
dude that guy is for sure a poop dick
by m4helm March 22, 2004
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