a poopdick is what a guy gets after assfucking without a rubber( shit and asshair stuffed in the end of his cock)
"dude, i got a total poopdick last night"
"i boned this passed out v-card in the ass ,and got a poopdick"
"ur mom gave me a poopdick"
by santa kloz March 10, 2008
Poopdick is a Brandon who fucked up one Saturday night when he was really fucked up and stuck it in the wrong hole
God look Noah got that Poopdick
by Poop dickens May 09, 2014
Young and stellar pledges of a Fraternity.
That Poop dick is gettin all the ladys
by Southern Fraternity Commissio September 14, 2009
a poop dick is usually used regarding someone who has recentally angered you in some way or some one you just dont like usually of the male gender to possibly humiliate them by telling them their penis is coverd in fecel matter
person a: did you know alex took the last hot pocket

person b: god alex is such a poop dick
by majick6ball August 04, 2009
description of , or the act of defecating ones pants whilst in the seated position so horrifically that its forced to travel up the front of ones pants and entomb their reproductive organs with fectal matter.
Keith : "Yo, I think Chris is way too fucked up."
Eric : "Without a doubt, but whats the smell?"
Keith : "I think its coming from Chris"
Eric : "Jesus Christ, NO!...he's poopdicked."
by Hexus525 December 03, 2007
(poopdick)is a commonly used insult by any of four 505 punx living in the Westside area to describe anyone that they know.. don't know.. see at random from a car window which at least 1 of the 2 males are probably hanging out of half naked.. or pisses them off. Same in context as *asshole,fuckface,douchebag,and any other derogatory term*
*Dude, that Justin guy sure is a poopdick!*
*Elliot, stop being such a poopdick.. you poopdick*
by Matt Burgess August 22, 2007
A man's penis that is so long that it will either dip or lay in the bowl of a toilet when he is defecating
That boy's got a poop dick...poor bastard.
by Grmmus T Willikins April 25, 2006

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