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"A Smelly Weiner"
"Dude, I finally stopped fucking the chick in the ass. Then i pulled my dick out and im pretty sure i was a poopdick."
by TurkeyVag November 21, 2009
15 11
When you have anal sex and you pull out, and your wiener is covered in poop. hence poop dick.
Hey mike what did you do last night?
I was with your mom and got poopdick.
Oh, You Mother Fucker!
by buttsex fagstick January 15, 2011
4 1
a condition following the act of anal sex in which the pitcher's penis is partially or fully covered by the catcher's excrement Note: only when not using a raincoat
by rlpaaanrt July 22, 2010
4 2
Your cock after anal sex w/ male/female. Usually covered in stuff.
Alan- I just got back from my girlfriend's.
Matt- I bet you have poopdick then.
by McPoopdic34 October 23, 2008
6 5
a poopdick is what a guy gets after assfucking without a rubber( shit and asshair stuffed in the end of his cock)
"dude, i got a total poopdick last night"
"i boned this passed out v-card in the ass ,and got a poopdick"
"ur mom gave me a poopdick"
by santa kloz March 10, 2008
12 11
A compound word that you say when things get awkward, or when you there is nothing to say. Kind of like "merp" but cooler.
Friend: "Hey"
you: "Hey what's up?"
Friend:"My dead mom"
by muchokarma April 13, 2013
0 0
A person who doesnt have the motivation to do anything; a lazy asshole.
"dude ryan manning you want to go to the mall?" "No i would rather just sleep and stay inside and do nothing, i am a poopdick"
by j-bonerr October 12, 2011
2 2