"A Smelly Weiner"
"Dude, I finally stopped fucking the chick in the ass. Then i pulled my dick out and im pretty sure i was a poopdick."
by TurkeyVag November 21, 2009
a condition following the act of anal sex in which the pitcher's penis is partially or fully covered by the catcher's excrement Note: only when not using a raincoat
by rlpaaanrt July 22, 2010
Your cock after anal sex w/ male/female. Usually covered in stuff.
Alan- I just got back from my girlfriend's.
Matt- I bet you have poopdick then.
by McPoopdic34 October 23, 2008
a dick covered in shit after anal sex
Dario got insane poop dick after fucking that chic in the ass.
by ejay :) December 21, 2002
A compound word that you say when things get awkward, or when you there is nothing to say. Kind of like "merp" but cooler.
Friend: "Hey"
you: "Hey what's up?"
Friend:"My dead mom"
by muchokarma April 13, 2013
1. After having anal sex having ones dick covered in poop

2. A male who has anal sex with more than 10 people

3. A person (usually male) who 'shits' on everything
(for #1) "Dude I was fuckin Ashley in the ass and when I pulled my dick was covered in shit"

(for #2) "Dude Kyle just fucked another bitch in the ass that puts him at 11"

(for #3) "Dude nick daniels is such a poopdick, whenever were somewhere, he just makes everything so much worse, he just shits on everything"
by lcn2009 May 03, 2009
a poopdick is what a guy gets after assfucking without a rubber( shit and asshair stuffed in the end of his cock)
"dude, i got a total poopdick last night"
"i boned this passed out v-card in the ass ,and got a poopdick"
"ur mom gave me a poopdick"
by santa kloz March 10, 2008

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