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The exposed partial deck on the stern of some ships. Requires constant swabbing.
''Swab the poop deck!''
by just some random guy March 30, 2006
To knock down with poop.
He poopdecked his opponent in the face, slightly in the mouth too.
by solved December 24, 2004
A lining of toilet paper placed in the toilet so the splash of your dump doesn't get you wet.
`Man I hate it when I get water on my bum!` `you should lay down the poop deck next time friend`
by Raxn117 May 27, 2013
A part of a boat, but most people misunderstand it and think that it is where poop is on a deck.
John: Captain said to get to the poopdeck ASAP!

Childish Man: Haha he said poop!
by Manuelr11 December 02, 2013
The poop deck usually begins with a blumpkin and transitions when your partner realizes how much you both had to eat at Poncho's Mexican Buffet. Your girl transitions from the kneeling chicken head and moves to a romantic strattled position and inserts your meat missle into her cock koozie. At this point you are positioned for greatness provided you have not finished your BM. The two of you will drop the kids off at the exact same time and like olympic diving it is important not to splash. Now wipe your ass and tell that bitch to make you a sandwich.
I'm enjoying this blumpkin but i could really go for a poopdeck.
by poop deck September 12, 2014
the act of a male splooging inside of a females anus and then she goes on to fart the man juices out of her anus onto an innocent bystanders face and then you and/or your partner slowly lick the cum off of the bystanders face.
Dude I totally poop decked Stacy and Kate last night!
by andreric February 21, 2014
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