the anal excretory canal.
get a doctor! it went up his poo chute sideways!
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
A more friendly way of saying asshole
Ass=poop, hole=chute
What a poop chute.
Poop chute!
by Guerin Platte November 04, 2006
1) Slang term for one's rectum.

2) Name of rectum-like passage on the Halo 3 map Isolation, which is complete with sphincter at the bottom.
"Where did that red guy go?"
"He must have jumped down the poop-chute."
by ABBenzin February 26, 2010
Is the proper term "poop chute", "poot chute", or "poot shooter"? In any case, it's an ass hole.
If I was a turd, I'd be proud to come out of THAT poop chute.
by Marlon Austin January 10, 2008
a cruel name for a lower form of human existence
Joe started tryin to sell me weed in the middle of the street during broad daylight. Sometimes he can be such a poopchute.
by Dillion Do Hickey August 10, 2007
the poop just shoots out of there. sometimes its solid sometimes its runny. can be brown, green, blue, etc.
that shit was so runny, it felt like he/she was pissing out of his/her poop chute
by big baller shot caller February 02, 2004
The bung
Man you smell like my poop chute.
by Kevin April 14, 2003
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