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To have poop on or around you ass. Also similar to swamp ass.
"Dude look at Eric..."
"EWWWWE! He has such big poop ass because he didn't go to the bathroom fast enough"
"Ya i know... btw i have poop ass also"
by dustinarguello January 22, 2009
1. An anal region that has residual fecal matter after defecation. This fecal matter persists even after repeated wiping, due to it being caught in hair or continuing to come out of the anus. If due to the latter, it is likely the defecation did not come out whole and was cut short.

2. Someone who is known to have a poopy ass from time to time.
1. Crap I have poopass. No matter how many times I wipe it is still poopy. I need to shower.

2. Husband: Hey hun!

Wife: Hey Poopass, how was your day?
by Poopass1 May 09, 2009
The condtion of which after going "#2" on the toilet, there is extra "shit" left on the cheek. Therefore, making a "poop ass"
Danielle N. has a poop ass now.

Did you see that poop ass?!
Omg, wh, at a poop ass.
by penoobie763934 October 31, 2009
Poop all over your ass and dripping down your legs and up your balls.
"I have poopass, let me use the restroom"
by enormous dick March 14, 2016
A silly name for a person mostly a joke
person1: Hey whats up!
Person2: not much just hangin
Person1: wow ur such a poopass
Person2: what?
by BrOz October 05, 2012
A phrase used to describe a person who is acting like a "baby" or being unreasonable or extremely stubborn. Being difficult or hard to manage. Someone who's being anal or not agreeable.
BLOKE 1: "So you're telling me that even though this "small detail" about the law or code doesn't make any logical sense to YOU either(BLOKE "2"), you're still gonna enforce it?"
"Bloke 1" calls "Bloke 2" a fuckin poop ass.
by not giving October 31, 2007
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