A nasty saying for the term diareaha
I just took a stinky poop
by kjghkghkhgkghkjd December 12, 2007
An acronym standing for "pass out on pasta," "passed out on pasta," etc. A reference to Alex in the film A Clockwork Orange.
My friend and I POOPed together last night.

George waited a long time before he could POOP.
by J. Fu July 07, 2005
poopy is what happens when you ingest the magic poopy and visit the one true god that is eddie (who owes you cigarettes) eddie is our lord on high (get it?) and was the victor of the poopy wars, started by anti-christ-poop who was a monkey... wearing a weights belt..... and sunglasses.... oh and a arab headress. for more information please contact general adam mc poop the poopiest of the poop or josh better than adam mc poop in the scale of poopiness but still lacks as much hair as adadm except his eyebrows or alternatively please visit www.savethepoop.com
*unfortunately this website dosnt YET exist as we have no money
*please send money
* or alternatively you may visit www.talktofrank.co.uk and ask him about magic poop
lots of love
1. dude im like totally... totally.... i dunno.... poop.
2. dude rainbow road is so hard i keep falling off.... poop head
3. who you calling poop head, poop head
by Eddie April 22, 2005
Brown, lumpy, mushy, smelly, cone shaped object that comes right from the butt-y-hole. Sometimes blue, but only if you eat deep blue cotton candy. (And I reccomend you keep it in the toilet.)
Wow I had a biiiig poop last night!
by Zizzy August 20, 2003
what I fling and what some people eat
by psychoninja June 01, 2003
The censor for the word 'shit' at the ZeldaPower forums. Replaces the old, cooler censor, candy cane].
Holy poop], that's awesome!
by zeldas cousin the great April 15, 2005
poop: an abbreviation for people observing other people. these "poop"s include popularity hungry people, who watch the "popular" crowd's mood and then copy them, in an effort to be accepted by them. Another example of a poop is a scientist who studies human behavor, and therefor, watches people. Also, it could be a girl or boy watching a girl or boy that they have a crush on. Or anyone else that has characteristics of types of people listed above.
Scientist: (says to random passing guy) hm... look how that man chews his sandwich so slowely, how interesting!

random passing guy: dude, your such a poop

Popularity hungry girl: oohh look how cute Janie's("popular" girl) new hair cut looks! Maybe ill get my hair cut like that this weekend!

Populatiry hungry girl's friend: Stop being such a poop, that haircut would look horrible on you
pooppopularp.o.o.pgayannoying person
by Becky Fox January 02, 2008

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