What Christina Aguilera's breath smells like.
Christina aguilera must have been eating her own anal waste today because her breath smell like poop.
by Davey Marchand November 05, 2005
shit that shoots of your ass
dood got poop-
by sdadasdasdasdad September 17, 2003
sumptin NASTY...that comes out tha anus hole!!! hahahaha!!!
Steve Stoczco is a poop!!!!
by megzzz April 25, 2003
1. (n) feces

2. (v.i.) to defecate
1. There is poop on the floor.

2. Damn cat, did you poop on the floor? That's it; you're dead. Come here. I said come here! Don't run under the couch. You can't hide under there forever!
by YoYoYo February 09, 2005
Pimps On Official Patrol. Pimps doing it big time, it is what it is, but not the end all be all. Official.
P.O.O.P.'in ain't easy.
We are POOP
Popcorn POOP
If you're not on official patrol, then you're just POP.
If it's a mixed mission, then you POP POOP.
by Con Ed December 13, 2006
choclate looking lug coming from your ass that stinks
"there is choclate coming out of my ass yeah"
by Aaron March 05, 2005
Shit that comes out of the ass.
hey dont poop on me!
Ok ill stop pooping on you.
by kevin February 07, 2005

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