The censor for the word 'shit' at the ZeldaPower forums. Replaces the old, cooler censor, candy cane].
Holy poop], that's awesome!
by zeldas cousin the great April 15, 2005
someone who disapoints you greatly or makes things less fun in any way.
you're not going to wear that new shirt? god you poop.
by emalie March 13, 2004
some thing that happens when you put food up your butt, and comes out your mouth.
"God! I have to take a poop!" *opens mouth* *blah* "ahh relief!"
by Steve! September 22, 2003
poop: an abbreviation for people observing other people. these "poop"s include popularity hungry people, who watch the "popular" crowd's mood and then copy them, in an effort to be accepted by them. Another example of a poop is a scientist who studies human behavor, and therefor, watches people. Also, it could be a girl or boy watching a girl or boy that they have a crush on. Or anyone else that has characteristics of types of people listed above.
Scientist: (says to random passing guy) hm... look how that man chews his sandwich so slowely, how interesting!

random passing guy: dude, your such a poop

Popularity hungry girl: oohh look how cute Janie's("popular" girl) new hair cut looks! Maybe ill get my hair cut like that this weekend!

Populatiry hungry girl's friend: Stop being such a poop, that haircut would look horrible on you
pooppopularp.o.o.pgayannoying person
by Becky Fox January 02, 2008
The substance know as anal fecal matter...from the butt...that excapes from the anal passage as propelled from the bowel at fangorious speeds. a.k.a-the brown ass butter that comes out fast.
While walking down the street i saw this guy and i asked him for some butter and he didnt have any so i went and chopped down a tree with my bare teeth..MY BARE TEETH then i wanted some salt so i went next store and she didnt havce any so i walked down the street and i saw this guy and i asked him for some butter.......................
by Danx July 08, 2004
another word for shit, turd, poo etc
TED: Oh it poop again
BILLY MADISON: AHAHAHAHA he called the shit poop!
by kat is phat April 03, 2004
a codename for weed or smoking
did you get the poop ?

are we pooping later ?
by lindsay maryjewana March 29, 2008

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