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Feces, Defecation, Excrement, droppings, sh*t, turds...etc.
I have to defecate!!!
by Captain Corndog July 16, 2004
worthless; cheap; unexciting; bad
Wrangler jeans are poop.
by FidyBrock September 09, 2003
A nasty saying for the term diareaha
I just took a stinky poop
by kjghkghkhgkghkjd December 12, 2007
An acronym standing for "pass out on pasta," "passed out on pasta," etc. A reference to Alex in the film A Clockwork Orange.
My friend and I POOPed together last night.

George waited a long time before he could POOP.
by J. Fu July 07, 2005
Brown, lumpy, mushy, smelly, cone shaped object that comes right from the butt-y-hole. Sometimes blue, but only if you eat deep blue cotton candy. (And I reccomend you keep it in the toilet.)
Wow I had a biiiig poop last night!
by Zizzy August 20, 2003
what I fling and what some people eat
by psychoninja June 01, 2003
The censor for the word 'shit' at the ZeldaPower forums. Replaces the old, cooler censor, candy cane].
Holy poop], that's awesome!
by zeldas cousin the great April 15, 2005