a word used randomly by dr.dan and dr.ashton. means everything sucks, i need to talk, and poop
"poop..." "whats wrong, want to talk about it?"
by DR.Ashton and DR.Dan September 07, 2004
n. large brown stuff that smells funny. Comes shooting out of your ass at different velocities, depending on what you ate

v. to shoot aformentioned brown stuff out your ass
1. That poop smells like my Uncle Roy's shower!

2. The poop came out so fast it exploded my rectum

by Johnny da gangsta July 18, 2006
a term of disappointment. sort of a non-sweary way to say "fuck!" when something goes wrong.
"my check bounced again. oh, poop!"
by s... June 06, 2005
when you say that the shit (as in good) you could replace with poop
this is the shit yo

this is the poop yo
by sean March 05, 2005
evil, brown, digestive paste
by poop November 08, 2003
Mathematical terms:

The "natural log"
The natural log of the base__(toilet)
something you do when you eat 300 pounds of taco bell, yeah seems like a lot of taco bell, but your the fatty.
Dude. Stop eating so much fucking taco bell, your gonna poop out a turd thats 6000 pounds and then your gonna break the toilet and then your gonna have to buy a new one and then your mom is gonna get mad at you so shes gonna kick you out of the basement you were living in and your gonna be standing in a cold dark alley waving a stupid fucking gross can of beans saying, "Money for the poor?" and everyone is gonna think that your freaking stupid and kick you until all your teeth fall and then a dog is gonna come up to you and bite your face off and then your gonna choke on your on own blood and then you die.
by The Guy that Eats Babies May 12, 2008

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