brown stuff that comes out of you after about 3-5 hours of digesting food. comes in a variety of shades, smells, colors, and textures, dependin on wat u ate.
the many names of poop:

Poo Poo
Fecal Matter
doo doo
dark matter
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
Another word for gossip, or trivial information.
Gimme the poop on Brian. I heard he was gay, and I heard he was Bi, then I heard he was straight.
by eb1radtech May 21, 2005
a brown, green or yellow colored substance that comes out of your butthole in many different shapes and sizes. Happens after you eat.
Wow! That piece of poop is big!

I laughed so much i pooped in my pants.
by 12345678 May 14, 2005
A large mass of anal mud that squeezes from between my lenkins and ronnis. Also my favorite food.
Bread makes me poop!
by Robert Legindras March 10, 2005
Poop, also called: Crap, Shit, Dung, Logs, Cow pie, and well... Anyway It comes out of ur ass, sometimes it hurts really bad other times it comes out smoothly..
uhh!!!! its stuck u u u u u u uu u u u u uuuu uuuuu uuuu ouch!!!!
by Danny March 07, 2005
Something that you put on your upper lip in a sad attempt to look cool by creating a "mustache."
Wow awesome mustache!!...Thanks I made it...I mean grew it this morning...
by whooperboy December 13, 2004
The natural human bodily waste that I find on the tip of my mushroom head after donkey punching all your mothers in their cornholio.
I fucked your mom up the ass and got poop all over my dick. It was weak.
by patrix November 01, 2004

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