A greeting used by engineers who have lost too many brain cells drinking beer and recalculating problems that have been solved long ago.
Bob: Hi Tim how was the test?
Tim: poop
Bob: That good huh?
Tim: .....yeah....
by Mr_Flibble March 25, 2003
party pooper, a cop out,
you old poop
by Catseyes December 09, 2001
what comes out of your ass!
oh god that poop was huge
by warmonger42 February 23, 2011
stuff that leaves the anus
the norm: when u sit down push a few times, get up.

the oh my god hurry up poop: whenu sit down for a few years and its only have way done;

corn poop: the ones where ther is corn?

lifeguard poop:the poop that floats on the surface and insists on having a party by maiking the other poops float

best friend poop: the poop that never leaves u.
by shmanderzlii December 09, 2008
a smooshy sometimes hard brown sausage lookin thing that comes out of your ass hole
Sometimes after i have sex i have to poop.
by daniiiii November 11, 2006
a.k.a. dookie shit dung-ditty-dung-dung

fuck that.
that is yo shit nigga
i'm rub ma poop in yo face, bitch!
by thug dug August 06, 2006
Any person , place, or thing deemed unsatisfactory, sub-par, or not meeting a certain standard.
1. We murdered that team, they was poop.

2. Don't cop from him no more, he sellin' poop.
by Jamal Jones June 09, 2006

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