bodily waste that comes out of a person's anus and is plopped into a toilet and flushed down. Or a smell which is called a Poopsniff
I pooped in my toilet.
by Alex K March 22, 2004
something said when one has nothing else to say.
Expressing anger or frustration
Oh Poop! The smell of burnt toast is slowly taking over my house!
by Magik Red Anus December 06, 2003
Main authority in american society, more commanly known as pig, po po, or no officer I've only had
I spent all weekend in the poop station.
by Hideous J.J. July 21, 2003
Originally made popular by an EGM editor, the word "poop" was shaped and molded by MPMike until it reached the its current state: "Poop!”

It has many uses and is applicable in a variety of different situations. It’s meaning is elusive.
by Tanooki January 29, 2003
a brown waste substance that is released from you ass hole when you squeeze. lol
i have to poop.
by stfumofo August 28, 2009
a term used to describe Jacob and Ashley's weirdness.
Dude that was so poop!
by pooooopie August 23, 2009
an adjective meaning not good. another word for sucks. garbage
you think your civic is fast. its mad poops
by artytork April 27, 2009

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