Something that every one dose, in various of ways upside down or right side up. It I very hard, and you penis sometimes gets erect.
Ohhh No I Pooped and im hard
by Jackopobic April 21, 2008
Excrement that comes out of a persons bum. Unless they shove food up there bum then poop comes out there mouth.
Ex1: Last night I took a steaming hot poop on jordens moms chest.

Ex2: Wow I had turkey up my bum last night and man it came out my mouth all morning.
by lukey125 July 30, 2005
Danielle "can't get the poopy songs out of her head!" and she can't get the poopy words from coming out of her mouth!
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
The Splinter- When your poo is sharp and jagged.
speedboat - shoots out of the hole so fast that it makes waves
the bomb (splasher)- unexpected, when log hits the bowl and splashes up to wet your behind.
the two-for-one - when you push so hard you accidentally pee a little.
the centipede- when the bowel movement is long and slender in a ribbon-like fashion.
the hot mess- when poop comes out steaming and scorches your hole.
cooks choice- when whatver you had for dinner suddenly surfaces in the crap (most common=corn)
the soiler- named after what it makes people do to themselves, it is alomost always unexpected, usually needing a whole roll of toilet paper.
the wait-a-whole-hour - poop so stenchy it requires others to let it air out for a while.
the firecracker - when there is loud noises erupting from your deirreire but usually no poop is actually discharged.
the coco pebbles- when you thought you pushed out a log but it turns out to look like the cereal.
the dirty bird- comes out chirping, never silent
the lone star- when you only have one turd.
the get-a-new-pair - when youve found you left some skid marks and/or a little rosebud in your bloomers.
the dart- when the poop is right on target and shoots straight into the tunnel.
the wrercking ball - literally destroys the toilet- usually requiring a plunger or plumber. aka the clogger.
the releiver -most common to fat people , occurs when you are overly full and you poop and the pressure is relieved.
"jen grab the plunger! ive got a wrecking ball!'"

"hahah. did you hear mark in the bathroom with his firecracker?"

"awe man. not another soiler"

"no kendyl! dont eat those coco pebbles!"
by the masters0258 June 25, 2011

(1) To express extreme disgust
Guy 1: So I heard that Wiz Khalifa's show got cancelled for tonight

Guy 2: Poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xxLuPexx March 27, 2011
the brown(also sometimes the green)stuff that comes out of a living organism's asshole
Little kid:"Mom,what just came out of my booty?"

Mom:"Thats what scientists call feces or poop?"
by Stewhip January 03, 2011
the stuff i like to eat
yum poop.
by poopislife November 26, 2010

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