Krusty Krabs motto: Spongebob
Remember POOP.
by Phonics July 13, 2009
a bowel movement emptying bodily waste from the butthole. The colors are different varies of brown.
Guy 1: hey im gunna go use the bathroom
guy 2: pee or poop?
Guy 1: poop
guy 2: thats cool
by CM Scenester November 28, 2008
Used as a substitute for any overused and unnecessary curse words you don't want to say, but that will still express your consternation and/or exasperation at something that really bites.
Random person #1: Hey, let's go get some donuts at the corner market.
Random person #2: Can't, my car exploded last night.
Random person #1: Poop!
by dudette1 September 11, 2008
Poop is the brownies that come out of your behind and theyre really hot so you dont need to bake them and they dont smell too good but the taste, ohh... you don't wanna know :s.

Dude why you go poop? your poop smells like a locomotive full of screaming babies crashing into an aircraft carrier and the aircraft carrier is on fire! Hey look there's brownies in the toilet! I think ill have one! OH DEAR GOD!!!! IM SUFFOCATING!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG DUDE HEL-ACKKKK HOLY CRA-........

Other guy:......................i gotta take a poo
squishy stuff that comes out of your butt
Person 1: I just took a huge poop
Person 2: lololololololololololol
by 7 Pound Butt Loaf April 06, 2008
1. BLACK IRON POOP: A Poop Where You Get Up And You Get Scared Its Going To Drop On The Floor.
2.Pantie Poop: Only Gay People Say This.
3.WetCornPoop:Also Called WCP This Poop Is Very Rare.
4.PurplePoop: If This Applies To You Id See A Doctor Man!
5.Furby Poop:This Comand To A Furby Is Very Serious.
6.Wet Stanky Poop:YIKES!
7.Big Brown One: Probably Hurts Or Is Used To Make Fun Of CallOfDuty
bob loblaw:Hey jim
bob loblaw:Aww That is Fantastical!
by lolopie November 08, 2009
A very tasty kind of chocolate.
Hey,man, you gotta try some of this poop. Its delicious!
by sexybluesloth April 27, 2008

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