the substance that comes out of your body
David took a big poop in the toilet
by kevintheman December 22, 2013
Brown stuff that comes out of your butt
I just took a big poop
by Lampski November 10, 2013
the breaking of wind
she poops when she walks and I am glad that i am downwind.
by poopyheads July 24, 2011
the stuff that comes out of your ass, with the exception of when you are constipated, varies in color from time to time, is sometimes runny and sometimes thick
look at that poop in the toilet, dude i pooped my pants, u piece of poop
by barack obama :) December 07, 2010
can be sometime blue.....and may even contian food i.e. CORN

very beautiful, smells fucking great!
and great facial! try it!

also GREAT for eating, and adding to your favorite recipes!

by PENIS IS MY FRIEND June 26, 2010
A synonym for information, not so commonly used but definitely needs to make a come back
Dude, I got the poop on him, apparently he's a total player.
by YhcrananarchY February 03, 2010
A more funny term for the ever hilarious swear word: shit.
Bea: Oh shit!
Izzy: no no NO! There's a far more funny word for THAT
Corrie: It's POOP!!!

**together laugh**

by September 10, 2009

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