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a funny word your 3 year old son will interject into ANY conversation you are having regardless of it's content.
I love this poopy new dinner.
I'm gonna give you poop kisses because I love you so much.
I have a funny poop poop a doop thing to say to you, mom.
by myshrah February 03, 2010
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1. Bodily Waste that is removed from the body via the anus
2. a thing to say when you can't think of anything better
3. The greatest thing ever produced by humans

1. My poop looked like a comma
2. "Awwwww... poop."
3. Poop is delicious
by Mister Pinecone April 12, 2009
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Brown stuff that will be so smelly that you will have to leave the room. It will come out of your butt when you are on the toilet. Make sure to poop regularly. And don't poop on people. Diaria is a different kind of poop. It is gushy, and usually happens when you are sick.
Whoa, that dude just pooped on my friend!
Look at dat POOP!!
by I GOTTA PEA April 16, 2014
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the substance that comes out of your body
David took a big poop in the toilet
by kevintheman December 22, 2013
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An acronym for Pay Out Of Pocket. Refers to something that insurance (typically health insurance) doesn't cover.
That's a pretty sweet colostomy bag, but I'm not going to POOP for it!

Doctor: "Your rectum is blocked and we need to operate. Unfortunately your insurance doesn't cover it. You need to POOP."
Patient: "No shit I need to take a crap. Get in there and operate, dude!"
Doctor: "No, not crap. POOP."
Patient: "Same thing. Crap, poop, shit, drop a deuce, take a dump, drop off the Cleveland Browns at the Super Bowl, same thing."
Doctor: "Never mind. I'll send you the bill."
by Nick D December 17, 2013
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Brown stuff that comes out of your butt
I just took a big poop
by Lampski November 10, 2013
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A brown, stinky, smelly, gross, substance that comes out of your butt hole. Also know as a terd. You eat, you poop. Simple as that.
Duck face seriously had to poop after eating.
by Meow Sexy Unicorn October 28, 2013
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