A brown, stinky, smelly, gross, substance that comes out of your butt hole. Also know as a terd. You eat, you poop. Simple as that.
Duck face seriously had to poop after eating.
by Meow Sexy Unicorn October 28, 2013
People Order Our Patties
Spongebob: "Poop?"
Narrator: "Yes, poop! People Order Our Patties!"
by LikeATimeLord August 12, 2012
It's the brown stuff that comes out of your butt. It stinks and if you don't flush, your nasty.
David: That feels good...
Jenny: Are you done with your poop?
by Someone134565353 May 12, 2012
Resin from cannabis. You scape your bowls and then boil the resin into this thing that is black and looks like poop. It gets you really high like hash but it ist hash its poop.
Guy 1: Guys wanna smoke this poop I just made from cleaning my bowls and boiling the resin.
Guy 2: Fuck yeah that shit gets me stoned nigga, I love poop!
by Robotted April 04, 2012
A tasty meal.
I just had a tasty poop.
by Mewto34 February 21, 2012
comes from your butt
shitty poop
by master of da poop September 24, 2011
The greatest song in which has ever been heard performed by a unkown band called Acetone. It can be found on youtube by typing in "Poop Cody and Colby"
I listened to Poop the other day. It blew my dick off!
by el senior buttrape April 09, 2011

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