An adjective used to describe a negative outlook on a noun.
My life is poop!

That's poop! replacement of "awful", "terrible" etc
by Sososinvida June 09, 2005
Poop spelled backwards.
I failed my spelling test... I spelled "poop" wrong.
by Señor Culo November 28, 2014
Brown stuff that will be so smelly that you will have to leave the room. It will come out of your butt when you are on the toilet. Make sure to poop regularly. And don't poop on people. Diaria is a different kind of poop. It is gushy, and usually happens when you are sick.
Whoa, that dude just pooped on my friend!
Look at dat POOP!!
by I GOTTA PEA April 16, 2014
Excrement from one's anus
You are a Poop
by LOOOOP January 29, 2014
An acronym for Pay Out Of Pocket. Refers to something that insurance (typically health insurance) doesn't cover.
That's a pretty sweet colostomy bag, but I'm not going to POOP for it!

Doctor: "Your rectum is blocked and we need to operate. Unfortunately your insurance doesn't cover it. You need to POOP."
Patient: "No shit I need to take a crap. Get in there and operate, dude!"
Doctor: "No, not crap. POOP."
Patient: "Same thing. Crap, poop, shit, drop a deuce, take a dump, drop off the Cleveland Browns at the Super Bowl, same thing."
Doctor: "Never mind. I'll send you the bill."
by Nicholas D December 17, 2013
P eople
O rder
O ur
P aties
SpongeBob Squarepants.
by Ninja Yessi August 14, 2012
It's the brown stuff that comes out of your butt. It stinks and if you don't flush, your nasty.
David: That feels good...
Jenny: Are you done with your poop?
by Someone134565353 May 12, 2012

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