Stuff that comes out your butt
I pooped my pants
by Anawesomegirl March 12, 2015
stuff that comes out of your butt
i pooped today
by trumpet101 February 13, 2015
n. poop is the waste that comes out your butt.
v. poop can be used as a verb to show that you have to poop
adj. used to describe 1) how someone/something smells 2) to describe what something looks like
noun. "Did you flush your poop ?"
verb. "Did you just poop?"
adjective. "Why do you smell of poop?"
by Manly_Manster_XD January 28, 2015
A brown substance that comes out of your bowls after you have eaten.
That burrito made me take a humongous poop.
by Ramen Noodle January 23, 2015
Excrement from one's anus
You are a Poop
by LOOOOP January 29, 2014
An acronym for Pay Out Of Pocket. Refers to something that insurance (typically health insurance) doesn't cover.
That's a pretty sweet colostomy bag, but I'm not going to POOP for it!

Doctor: "Your rectum is blocked and we need to operate. Unfortunately your insurance doesn't cover it. You need to POOP."
Patient: "No shit I need to take a crap. Get in there and operate, dude!"
Doctor: "No, not crap. POOP."
Patient: "Same thing. Crap, poop, shit, drop a deuce, take a dump, drop off the Cleveland Browns at the Super Bowl, same thing."
Doctor: "Never mind. I'll send you the bill."
by Nicholas D December 17, 2013
A brown, stinky, smelly, gross, substance that comes out of your butt hole. Also know as a terd. You eat, you poop. Simple as that.
Duck face seriously had to poop after eating.
by Meow Sexy Unicorn October 28, 2013

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