1. (noun) a piece of fecal matter

2.(verb) the act of pooping
1. "I must flush the poop down the toilet."

2. " I gotta go poop!"
by besthumanever November 05, 2015
A brown sometimes other oddly colored mess that comes out of your butthole in a very violent manner.
I do not eat poop because that would be disgusting.
by david51 April 25, 2015
n. poop is the waste that comes out your butt.
v. poop can be used as a verb to show that you have to poop
adj. used to describe 1) how someone/something smells 2) to describe what something looks like
noun. "Did you flush your poop ?"
verb. "Did you just poop?"
adjective. "Why do you smell of poop?"
by Manly_Manster_XD January 28, 2015
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