the fecal matter excreted from an organism's anus
dog poop
by talderson November 09, 2010
Something beautiful that comes out of that unique, tight, usually pinkish-brown, scrunchy-like, with a wrinkly raisin-like texture, round hole in your buttocks. It smells of digested foods and gases, usually squishy but sometimes hard, can be long or short, and sometimes up to a foot long. Before this glorious item comes out, you might get the sensation of a fart-like poof that annoys others, it sometimes comes out in multiple squirts, with loud and disruptive noises, or in loud plops.
"Everyone poops!"
"Did you see that gigantic poop?"
"Sittin on a toilet, takin a poop!"
butt, crap, hole, booty, turd, raisin
by Everyone poops March 05, 2010
a funny word your 3 year old son will interject into ANY conversation you are having regardless of it's content.
I love this poopy new dinner.
I'm gonna give you poop kisses because I love you so much.
I have a funny poop poop a doop thing to say to you, mom.
by myshrah February 03, 2010
The act of expelling feces and waste products out of one's anus. 99.9% of the time it ends in the toilet, .1% it ends up on someone's chest.
Gee I wish I hadn't eaten all that General Tsao's Chicken last night, I feel like I'm pooping out 24 karat diamonds.
by wishforthenight June 11, 2009
1. Bodily Waste that is removed from the body via the anus
2. a thing to say when you can't think of anything better
3. The greatest thing ever produced by humans

1. My poop looked like a comma
2. "Awwwww... poop."
3. Poop is delicious
by Mister Pinecone April 12, 2009
The 'thing in itself', of philosophers.
Spinoaza's Substance.
"Poop is eternal, thats why shit keeps on happenin'"

"I poop that i Poop, i am the shit and the excrement"
by Oops taut mafteah bitul July 10, 2008
A brown substance that comes out of the butt. Sometimes it's chunky or a liquid. People need to poop when they eat a lot of food.
I need to go poop.
I just took a really big, juicy poop.
Poop is brown.
You're a mean poop-head.
by Balls in your face June 13, 2007

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