stuff that leaves the anus
the norm: when u sit down push a few times, get up.

the oh my god hurry up poop: whenu sit down for a few years and its only have way done;

corn poop: the ones where ther is corn?

lifeguard poop:the poop that floats on the surface and insists on having a party by maiking the other poops float

best friend poop: the poop that never leaves u.
by shmanderzlii December 09, 2008
Ejected from the anus this is a thick substance that is usually a brownish color ( can be other color ) made up from food products. Also know as shit or poo poo.
Dude I just took a huge poop! It smells like your mom...
by El Shitette May 04, 2009
Some really bad weed
Man that shits some POOP!!!
by David Plane February 28, 2008
1. A club started by the legendary E-Murda after making fun of Kate's reincarnation of the womb;

2. The coolest club around;
Person1: "You goin to that poop meetin tonight?"
Person2: "Yeah boiiiii!"
by yo momma! October 07, 2006
The shit. Cool. Sweet. Awesome.
Dude, that car is the poop!

You are the poop!
by phantom_x1986 August 15, 2006
slang terms for inside information
"is that the straight poop?"
by defgtyu August 07, 2006
brown stuff that comes out of you after about 3-5 hours of digesting food. comes in a variety of shades, smells, colors, and textures, dependin on wat u ate.
the many names of poop:

Poo Poo
Fecal Matter
doo doo
dark matter
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
when you eat a lot you get cramps and then you have to do this, brown somethings green goo comes out into the toilet.
today i took a massive poop.
by spathonk you February 10, 2005

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