Some really bad weed
Man that shits some POOP!!!
by David Plane February 28, 2008
N. 1) Anything unpleasant that you may step in or get splattered on you. 2) Solid waste expelled from your bum. 3) A "cover all" word used as a filler instead of giving an actual description of something.

V. 1) The act of expelling solid waste from your bum.
N. Ah man! I got poop on me.
N. Get all your poop off my desk!
V. Be right back, I gotta go poop.
by Milkman1974 January 15, 2004
a funny word
do you have to have an example to know what it is?
by Ricky November 28, 2003
A substance excreted from the gastro-intestinal tract through the buttox. This deposited waste has no protiens or any other nutrients. This waste has no potential value as a food.
Chris: I had to "Poop" today.
Christian: Can i have some?
Chris: Sure, let me get it out of my colon!
Christian: How much is it?
Chris: $25 Billion
Christian: Here,I'll pay in cash... right... here. Uh.
by MasterCrusaderX November 08, 2003
Brown Yicky Stuff
well my breath smells alot like poop
by marky poo October 24, 2003
Frycook for People Order Our Patties
(1)Yo Jerry, P.O.O.P right?

(1)Yea poop
by Press ctrl-w January 03, 2016
what u say when ur a little kid and ur too afraid to say crap or shit
1) oh poop i dropped my pencil

by _why tho December 16, 2015
1. (noun) a piece of fecal matter

2.(verb) the act of pooping
1. "I must flush the poop down the toilet."

2. " I gotta go poop!"
by besthumanever November 05, 2015

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