worthless; cheap; unexciting; bad
Wrangler jeans are poop.
by FidyBrock September 09, 2003
1. excrement, feces

2. to defecate

3. information
We stop at the nearest rest stop because I have to poop.
by Light Joker August 09, 2004
the term used to describe a computer which, after running perfectly fine for a while, decides to crash/bugger up for no apparent reason. This term is often used in conjunction with the windows operating system.
"Windows just went poop!"
by Mark April 30, 2004
Crap that comes out of your buttoks.
Iv'e gottta let go of some poop.
by Stan Mills April 06, 2004
what makes the Tanooki board diffrent from all the rest
Poop!=Tanooki board
by The King December 15, 2003
something disappointing
goddammit, its finals week and i have aids, catarcts, and ran out of weed. thats poop.
by Andrew Giminiani April 30, 2003
Ejected from the anus this is a thick substance that is usually a brownish color ( can be other color ) made up from food products. Also know as shit or poo poo.
Dude I just took a huge poop! It smells like your mom...
by El Shitette May 04, 2009
Some really bad weed
Man that shits some POOP!!!
by David Plane February 28, 2008

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