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A brown, discolored, single front tooth in a person's mouth.
1. When she smiles at me, her poop tooth makes me want to vomit.
by ktrane March 02, 2004
a rotten tooth or mangled tooth
Damn Skillet you got pooptooth!
by pt October 14, 2003
some one with a fucked up tooth
Billy's got a pooptooth
by Beerswizle October 13, 2003
The resulting oral state after one brushes one\\\'s teeth with a toothbrush previously residing in a toilet, regardless of the clearity of the water.
I wouldn\\\'t go on a date with Kelly, I heard that bitch has poop tooth.
by CaptainBald December 13, 2007
a lisp
That guy is so gay, listen to his poop tooth
by yanders May 06, 2010
When you swallow a tooth and then shit in the bathtub to sift through it and find the tooth. Then go to the dentist and have it put back in.
My main man Purp has a poop tooth.
by bone429 October 28, 2006

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