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A common occurance in drunken sexual encounters, the smearing of fecal matter on a womans bust, usually inadvertant, while attempting to dunk your nuts in her mouth. Usually associated with poor balance and easily avoided with a tactful dunking stance.
Ben- dude i really pooped shit up last night
Jack- what crappened?
Ben- I was trying to squat my nuts in my girl's sack hole, right? i fuckin lost my balance, fell back and gave her the ol' poop tit
Jack- aww dude

Ben- its fine she was into it.
by dickmaster69 January 07, 2011
somthing to say when theres nothing else TO say. see also popadockerickle
You are such a pooptit bekabear!
by marinaamyree March 06, 2008
pooping on a girls tits.
That girl has poop tits.
by chance March 09, 2004