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n. Brown marks left by a stripper on one's shirt after an overly vigorous lap dance. See bib'd.
Whoa! That crooked 2-by-4 was less than discretionary. I've got poop tie on my belt buckle.
by JTLBPartyCooperative June 27, 2009

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a piece of shit car a.k.a. hooptie that has been filled with strategically placed poops as part of a practical joke or revenge plot.
Sheniqua: The clever fellows placed their own poop under the gas pedal, in the ash tray, beneath the driver's seat, and squeezed out another chocolate log on the backseat.

Milkman: Did they replace the windshield wiper fluid with diarrhea?

Sheniqua: Ummm....yep. I guess they turned that douchebag's car into a REALLLL pooptie.
by maskedbacktapper May 09, 2010