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the greatest game ever
a person proceeds to call another person while the are in the process of producing a terrible pile of excrement
yo dawg you been poop tagged shizzle to yo mama
by Swillard March 11, 2003
When you are on the verge of pooping, tag the person closet to you to give it away.
John: (i have to poop so bad) Hey, Jenny... POOP TAG!
Jenny: God damnit John... Now i Need to poop!
by ayodee December 05, 2010
A new game of ever increasing popularity that is the direct result of the advent of camera phones. It involves taking a photo of your latest fecal creation and sending it to a friend (or enemy). The picture sent must be of your most recent bowel movement. There are no poop-tag-backs unless the reciever can produce a significantly more impressive sculpture of excrement. Extra style points are given if the reciever of the picture message is on a date, in a meeting, at church, etc.
Poop-tag!...You're it!
by Johnnybunch May 13, 2009
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