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a brown noser, one who sucks up
I hate the way Kim sucks up to the boss...she's such a poop snout!
by Me September 13, 2003
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When the shit coming out of the ass looks like a pig snout.
by kirk September 13, 2003
person who sucks up to the extreme of having shit up their sinuses. (brown noser, kiss ass)
Jim is such a poop snout that our boss is clueless about his inability to perform his job function.
by shannannannan September 11, 2003
A medical condition characterized by decreased airflow through the nasal cavity due to being packed full of shit. Common causes include: tossing salad, ramming one's nose up the boss' ass and having one's head up one's ass.
Hey Joe, It looks like you got poop snout since you ate Carl's ass.
by Gary Coleman September 11, 2003
what your dog gets after bestiality salad tossing
I got some poop snout from Fido last night
by george September 09, 2003
What you get after you bend your girl over and eat her out from behind.
Man i bent her over and ate her when i pulled back i had her poop all over my snout.
by Jimbo September 12, 2003

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