an area good for fuckin'
Ima gonna get me some poop shoot
by lonestar June 08, 2004
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Hello, friend. If you've arrived at this definition, then you don't know how to spell poop chute. That's okay; it's a common error. People often become confused because shoot and chute are homophones. In addition, the idea of one's butt as "poop shoot" does make sense on some level if one imagines the asshole as a sort of gun that shoots poop as a projectile. This sort of thinking, however, is misguided. In actual fact, the imagery from which this slang term is derived envisions one's butthole as a chute from which poop is discarded.
Remember, kids, it's "poop chute," not "poop shoot." The more you know...
by TobyTheRobot June 12, 2007
a stupid word for the hole in an ass.
Your mom takes it up the poopshoot
by orange March 13, 2005
another word for the Anus.
Gay pete gave stevey a royal reaming of the poopshoot with his pink prodder.
by Dr.joseph October 20, 2002
The art of climbing onto a domestic roof and defecating into the chimney making sure that every drop goes into the fireplace or stuck in the flu. Made famous by yours truly.
After the neighbors kid kicked my dog I climbed their roof and performed a Poop Shoot. That was 2 weeks ago, they're probably still trying to figure out the smell in their living room.
by Sgt. Shadows January 22, 2009
(v.) to do anything at all that requires no skill at all. Like watching tv, or drinking beer.
ex. 1:Guillermo: Wats up broseph?

Pablo: Because im tired of people saying "nm", I am poopshooting.

ex: 2:Dan: you wanna come over and play airsoft?
Henrik: nah...i'd rather poopshoot my face off then go to your stupid house
by vagflab April 05, 2009
n. 1. Brit Hume according to Al Franken.
On C-SPAN, Al Franken had the audacity to call Brit Hume a poopshoot.
by Sudo Nim December 16, 2003
The act of pooping into a girls anal hole or vagina. Thrust log as if a dildo. A discontinuation of the thrusting is uncalled for until the log has been broken down into a brown liquid goop, which could then be used for a lubricant or tasty drink. Rub onto testies for maximum speed and agility. Dip testies into mouth for a sensation the girl will never forget (May cause death).
"I gave Mary a poopshoot yesterday, She said the poop filled out her cunt nicely."

"I fed Karen the liquid goop, She gagged and nearly died."

by Joe master of hoe November 24, 2006

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