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when you get a chunk of poo stuck in your penis hole
like kraft maccoroni with cheese stuck in it
by tttrucker4 May 27, 2005
After unprotected anal sex, these are the thin "noodles" of poop that come out of your urethra. They can be pissed out or squeezed out by pinching the urethra from the base of the shaft up to the tip.
Damn, Jason got poop noodles from that chick! Gross!
by poopnoodles February 22, 2010
After the act of anal sex between members of opposite sex. The male will urinate in the toilet expelling a poop shaped noodle from the urethra. Followed by urine.
I fucked Cindy last night and when i pissed a poop noodle came out.
by shenugh April 04, 2009
A person who believes ridiculous sexual myths; some-one who attends middle-school.
I had to listen to the poopnoodle explain why asians have horizontal vaginas.
by Drosophila September 02, 2010
the stream of poop/piss mixture you urinate after having anal sex
Dude, last night I was having anal and this morning I had a gnarly poop noodle.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
A poopnoodle is what happens when you pee right after fucking someone hard in the ass. Poop gets stuck up in the dick hole and comes out in the form of a noodle when you piss.
I spent last night pluggin' my lover's bottom like the BP oil well and when I went to the bathroom afterwards, I ended up squirting out a poopnoodle when I took a piss.
by smrtcarJ September 02, 2010
Its what comes out of your pee hole after you bang a butt....with poo in it.
"man i had to squeeze a huge poop noodle out after banging that chick's butt last night!"
by Juggern00b June 28, 2012
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