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foul odor from mouth caused by an infection or impacted tooth
she has poop mouth cause of her impacted wisdom tooth
by stinkyloves September 03, 2011
12 1
An insulting term used to refer to a person who frequently employs foul language.
"Why, Ron, Why? Why did you say those, you nasty poop-mouth. Poop...Poop mouth, get that poop out of your mouth" "Garth, If I gave you some money out of my pocket would that help ease the pain?"
by Michael McG April 07, 2008
60 16
adjective: When someone and/or something smells terribly bad.
(To a Steele Reserve can): "That can smells like poop mouth right about now."
by Thaddeus & Lando December 01, 2005
19 15
Poopmouth is a person who has incredibly bad breath, as if they had eaten fecal matter. It may smell as if they had eaten a poop sandwich.
Brush your teeth, poopmouth!
by trinketsntreats April 24, 2009
4 1
ugly n.The term used when someone has decaying teeth.
They called me poop mouth. They said I had a river of poop in my mouth.
by Chloe April 22, 2005
25 22
referring to a girl/guy who has licked a butthole, tossed a salad, played the rusty trombone, etc.
dont kiss that girl shes a poopmouth
by license to chill February 08, 2006
9 8
1. Refers to anyone who displeases me in a manner which doesn't deserve harsher treatment. See example 1

2. Term of endearment to people close to you. See example 2
Example 1
Person 1= Can you please hand me that pen?
Person 2= Get it your self.

Example 2

Friend 1= Hey what are you doing poopmouth?
Friend 2= Not a whole lot of anything.
Friend 1= Nice nice...
by AngelousBelleMorte June 06, 2009
1 3