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Watery, poop extract that comes out when a person thinks they are just farting. Also is known to come from dogs when they fart
You will have to wash that poop juice outta your pants.
by Bonzer April 22, 2003
The flat, warm, and nasty remaining liquid at the bottom of a Micky's 40oz right before you finish it.
Montel: Don't be such a pussy and finish the rest of your Micky's!

Da'quell: I ain't finishin that nasty ass poop juice
by Big Time Rick May 04, 2011
another way to say diarrhea.
poop juice is easy to get out
by diseased sheep July 29, 2005
The real definition of POOP JUICE is when you piss on a turd that is left in the commode trying to chop it in half and all the shit particles mix with the piss making the liquid a poop-colored juice.
"Man, somebody made a bunch of poop juice in the crapper and didn't flush it!".
by Jump the shark March 04, 2009
Poopjuice is the lubrication remaining inside your anus until a turd has exited. Poopjuice is then expelled in a small drop or drip, possibly unoticed.
You know, when you have the perfect solid turd, with a clean getaway, theres always that little bit of slime thats leftover, thats Poopjuice.
Also, can be seen in dogs after they crap and pinch the last bit off, out comes Poopjuice.
by poopjuice October 17, 2010
Diarrhea or extremely watery feces.
I told you we shouldn't have gone to Old People Buffet. It gives me poopjuice.
by Hon. Learned Cock February 04, 2009
A 21st century euphemism meaning, basically, "the bee's knees" or perhaps more accurately, "the cat's pajamas." Pretty 1337, that is.
Ben & Jerry's latest flavor is poopjuice!
by PomegranatePomeranian July 07, 2008
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