Tiny dried feces fragments, dislodged and scattered during the wiping process, often seen near the back of toilet seats
Looks like it's time to clean the bathroom. The poop flakes are piling up!
by speckled jim October 16, 2010
Top Definition
Tiny Microscopic particles left in your underwear after releasing a flatus. Sometimes larger crusties found on sheets, pillows or furniture following nudity.
I know Kitty was in the bed last night, there are poop flakes all over the sheets.
by joejoekitty October 28, 2007

1. a title given to a lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse; a nickname used by partners in love to refer to each other; can be shortened to the term "flake."

2. The plural term "poopflakes" can refer to an exclusive couple.

3. a small shaving of poop, usually brown and buoyant.
1. "hey ya poopflake! muah!"

1. "Sup, flake"

1. "Hi, is poopflake there?"
- "speaking."
"Hey babe, I love ya."

1. "Hey did you hear that Big Ben raped another girl?"
-"Ya, but she wasn't his poopflake."

2. "Hey did you hear that Al and Tipper Gore aren't poopflakes anymore!?"
-"Weird. He has old balls."

2. "Hey are Tiger and his wife still poopflakes?"
-"Ha. No Way. They used to be a couple of flakes but Tiger fixed that."

3. "Damnit, why don't you people learn to flush twice to get rid of your damn poopflakes in the toilet!"
by chicklit June 15, 2010
The dust which collects around the toilet seat hinge. Consisting of Poop, hair, toilet paper fibers and urine.
It's important to clear away all of the poop flake to properly clean a toilet.
by Joan Fonda January 08, 2012
Noun: 1. A flake of poop 2. Crusty, tiny, flakey particles of poop.
I was wiping my ass and and saw tons of poopflakes on the toilet seat.

A flake of poop is a poop flake!
by completelyboguspseudonym March 16, 2011
See Andrew H. meaning or pertaining to the act of farting underwater with consequences!
Circa: 1977 bathing in bath tub with brother. Bubble bubble.

Brother: Whoops! I farted!
Us: Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Me: What the!!!!
Us: GET OUTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Poopflakes
by Heavy Deeeeeeeeeeee February 05, 2010
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