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When you poop and it looks like an object
Dude check out my poop doodle!
by poop doodling yar tard November 06, 2011
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An ugly poodle dog or poodle related dog breed, ie. labradoodle.
"Thea, Ruben's poodle shouldn't even be called a poodle, its just an ugly poopdoodle.:
by Helen Mendizabal June 23, 2008
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penial discharge during morning urination of fecal matter after having a nasty faggot night of unprotected faggot sex.
wee hours of the morning at the commode

faggot 1: ahh...shit that stings!
faggot 2: what is it cuddle bums?
faggot 1: ahh....a fucking poop doodle!!!!!
by wilken October 25, 2007
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