a spirit that lives inside those who know him. He brings strength and guidance.
Jon was white water rafting and fell out of the boat. He was very scared and poop dawg help him find the courage to swim to shore.
by Scummy Higtune January 05, 2010
Top Definition
The cooliest Zim character that was evr drawn
Word up kids, this is poop dawg!!!
by asd September 19, 2003
The mascot for Poop Candy on invader zim

NOT spelled Poop Dog, as some people believe.
"Prizes, Prizes, Prizizes!"
by Poop Dawg September 12, 2004
A close friend, bro, or hetero life-mate who is always down for chilling, relaxing, drinking brews or chillaxing.

A term of utmost endearment between two people, just short of being completely gay for one another.
Man, I'd take a bullet for you, Justin. You're my one true poopdawg and nothing could end our friendship.
by BrobiWanKenobi July 09, 2009
a cool street name like pee diddle or gary
yo poopdawg
by Bubba March 28, 2003
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