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a container filled with excrement--used as a practical joke or revenge tactic.

Place a poop cup in a well concealed spot to ensure longevity and sustained satisfaction.
He never expected that poop cup behind his couch. You should have seen his face when he walked in--priceless.
by Blacks February 26, 2007
A cup full of poop which is hidden in a victim's dwelling or vehicle to inflict revenge and instill fear in the heart of said victim.
That bitch keyed my car, so i poop cupped hers.
by The Chateau Corner October 12, 2008
Farting into your cupped hand and then quickly swinging your hand around to a friend's nose like a ladle, carrying with the true essence and concentrated stink of your nasty fart. Share your strong fart with one friend instead of allowing it to weakly dissipate in the room.
"Take this!" (poop cup unsuspecting friend)
by Abraham Metzger January 06, 2008
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