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An extremely smelly condition of the penis, caused by extensive anal penetration. The condition may linger for up to 13 hours after sesation of aformentioned anal penetration.
Bud: Man dude, I got a wicked sick poop cock from that...from your sister, its been there for like two days and its giving me a headache!
Jimmy: Im going to f-ing kill you, you f-ing poop cock! Beeootch!
by farting mike May 23, 2006
53 29

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generic name for any disease or dirtying of the male member acquired through unprotected anal sex
Oh, fuck. I knew I should have wrapped it! Now I have poop-cock!

She gave me many wonderful things, but the poop-cock is a gift I wish I could return.

I could abide the farts but not the poop-cock.
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
58 12
Someone who is more annoying and inappropriate than having poop on the end of one's cock.
Knock it off whorecunt, you're being a poopcock!
by poopcock November 18, 2007
9 6