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when someone has terrible breath that literally smells like shit. people that have poop breath tend to always want to tell you secrets, causing you to have no choice but to try and not breath until they're done talking to you, so you don't have to smell their putrid poop breath.
I have to subtley cover my nose when Chrissy talks to me, or I can smell her rancid poop breath.
by Bourgeois October 09, 2006
someone with really shitty smelling breath.
Cheryl Reed has poop breath!
by d-rock419 October 24, 2010
this can actually be a serious matter not really to joke about. it could be from a failing liver, but most probably from an impacted wisdom tooth or something. A free ebook over at helped me. So I guess I can laugh about it now that its no longer me and i'm cured.
My friend has poop breath I should be honest and tell them about it incase its something serious.
by citoyen May 09, 2009
Poop breath otherwise known as "The Jacob" is quite interesting to learn about. He is very ugly and smells like stanky crustations. Poop breath gets horrible when he is intoxicated and loves to pop beans and smoke dope
Release the naughty duck; Poop breath
by Baby butt cheeks stoner 4 life November 20, 2010
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