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someone who wears silk shirts often.and is one to entice you.
i saw poonz the other day and i bowed like a slave
by Harold Bachfat September 06, 2008
poons is a bastardisation of poonie or poonanie.
1)It refers to pussy or vagina.
2)It can also be used to refer to any 'action' with females.
3)to be used as a term describing emasculated, pansy boys.
1) she's got a nice juicy poonz.
2) You get any poonz last night boyo?
3) Jeez ur such a poonz Thomas!
by €rik April 22, 2006
errr well. Im poonz. I talk to my mate 50 euros. Hes like a proper gangster and we sit at our comps 24 hours a day cause we hench. But yeah i like 50 alot hes a good friend and i hope to meet him soon. He's like the coolest dude i know on the net. Hes like my brother. And i talk to him cause hes bare hench
Poon is hench
Hench my poonz
Bare my poonz please
Poonz away
Poonz and tipsy are hench
Poonz and tipsy are bare
poonz and tipsy are gansgter
Poonz and tipsy will be presidents
Poonz and tipsy are gods bow to us.
by munkeh August 07, 2004

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