OMG! Sam likes teh poonyetah more than teh buttsecks!!!!111
It's not like I'm just gonna go run off into the woods and poonyetah madly or something. -The Aux-man
by Shime August 07, 2003
Top Definition
Jerking off to hentai.
"Damn, all Sam does is poonyetah with Fujii's picture.."
by Jupi February 08, 2003
The process of self pleasuring, also reffered to as wacking off.
Dude, Sam poonyetah's to his hentai so much, he can't walk straight anymore!
by Shadow January 11, 2003
Wacking; Jagging off. Masterbation.
That hentai makes me went to poonyetah.
by Shadow December 24, 2002
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