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Someone who is crazy about the poon.

One that is transfixed by the poon.

He who thinks poon is the greatest.

The poon's biggest fan.

I love that beautiful stinky poon.

Yes, I am a poongoon.
by philbad May 27, 2005
9 4
A male who is obsessed with getting laid, to the point that they make a fool of themselves in the process.
A tool doing ridiculous things to make a girl want to sleep with them may be called a poon goon.
by andood January 26, 2009
17 2
Poon refers to Vagina
Goon refers to australian slang for cheap wine

Vagina Wine = Period
"Hey Miss! you on your poon goon?!"
when asking a woman if she is on her period
by Pearce, Nick, Alex, Dovey September 25, 2008
2 5