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a man with GIGANTIC lips that are full of enthiusiasm and has a deep voice and wears sandles in the summer and hes a crazy crazy fool. dont forget the gigantic lips!!

an easy target for large amounts of abuse
pooney... what r u?

(pooney) a crazy crazy fool!!
by drummer and pinky December 06, 2006
A little, fuzzy, sex God.
Yo, you are a little Pooney
by God January 31, 2005
A cutesy name for the female genitals. A contraction of poontang (Vietnamese for vagina).
I started a website called My Neighbors Pooney dot com and she got very upset.
by TheNoodleyAppendage August 19, 2009
Only the sexiest english man to ever walk on this world. There is no liveing prson who gets as many girl as this guy. He is just amazing!!!
The most beautiful guy in the world
by James Arathoon January 31, 2005

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