An evolution of powned or pwned (1) (which in turn derives from owned). It also has connotations of poon as in poon tang (3) to mean pussy, famously used in South Park. Pooned (4) Also has connotations of harpooned and is pronounced the same way.

Also used in to mean to nail something (get it right) or someone (get laid)
(1) "You got powned/pwned"
(2) "You got owned"
(3) "I'm gonna get me some God damn poon tang"
(4) "Oooh you got pooned"
(5) "You see that whale over there with harpoon scars? That's right... last night.... she got POONED!"
by Jowy the phleghmbot October 26, 2009
The act of being so insecure that you must talk to every person in the room and tell them your last name is poon in an attempt to make them laugh and remember you.
I hate myself so much I pooned last night to try and make some friends. They laughed but ended up leaving me all alone.
by FuckDIss July 01, 2011
To have sex with someone
"I pooned him last night"
by cheesylee March 29, 2010
1)pooned :when someone taunts someones misfortune.
2)poon:when one makes fun of ones stupidity.
1)'ohh no i lost!'
'haha , pooned !!!!'

2)'oh know i lost my toothbrush , i am such a poon.'
by Ellaisthebest April 21, 2009
1.getting "owned" or "powned" except much more demeaning. gettin pooned implies that not only were you "owned" or "powned", but that you were "owned" or "powned" in such a way that it made your little inmasculine vagina hurt.

2. pooned can also be used in terms of pooning on someone who is terrible various competetive games, usually online.
1. "i pooned that guy like no ones business"

"sometimes you just gotta poon a fool"

2. "dang did you see that kill?!"
"hell ya you pooned all over that guy"
by cpt bizarro November 07, 2007
to beat someone or to kick ass
Tristan Pooned Daniel at Video Games
by TristanM May 14, 2008
Pooned originated from pwned, which originated from owned. Pwned was made popular in counterstrike, as a more "1337" way of saying owned. Owned was mispelled as pwned in some other game, i think warcraft, which is how pwned came about, sort of a joke. Pooned came to my attention from watching the MyGot hacker flash video of counterstrike, in which it portrays some nerd saying pwned outloud, hence the pronunciation "pooned."

E.G.- "OMG, i love the map dust, i can poon so many noobs, and maybe if i poon enough noobs today, i can raise my server rank from 3 to 1 (hehehe)"

I then myself started using poon and pooned while playing counterstrike cuz it was funny as hell when people asked, "wtf does pooned mean?" Now, apparently, a lot of people use it, i haven't seen it though, only on servers i play in, in which case the bastards stole the word from me. They should be pooned for that.
"My napalm grenade burninated your ass, POONED!"


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