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a household domestic worker with specific duties. in very wealthy homes, children are often assigned nannies for certain tasks, such as dressing, going out, or school. the poo nanny is employed specifically to children being potty trained. her skills ease a child's entry to the world of toilet usage, and good poo nannies are worth every penny they earn.
mater: oh dear, i think we need to arrange for a poo nanny for junior, dear. how else will he become toilet trained?
pater: quite so, quite so, my dear. i'll call the agency first thing in the morning. and now, i must return to the factory and lay off a few dozen workers and transfer their duties to our southeast asian plant.
mater: you're such a capitalist swine!!
pater: that's why you married me, remember?
mater: of course!! i nearly forgot!!
junior: momma poopie panties yucky gooey
mater: oh for christ's sake the little bastard just shit his god-damned pants again!!
pater: oh, take another valium, bitch, and get his ass upstairs to his bathroom!! and change your clothes before you come back downstairs; i don't want you smelling like toddler poop.
by the one and only earpuller June 16, 2006
36 55
A great way to refer to a female human vagina. It's kinda cute, so the chicks are usually cool when you ask to see their poonanny. or touch it, apply saliva, etc.
C'mon baby, let me check out your poonanny!, or
Wassup with that poonanny, baby?
by quaker oatmeal July 25, 2003
535 142
Slang, familiar reference to the primary sexual organs of the female human.
Refer to Cameron Diaz' reference on T.V.- "I haven't had any complaints in the poonanny department..."
by Hypebole13 November 07, 2003
213 101
n. Referring to the females vagina.
"Girl, U need to give me some poonanny,
Im gettin horny as a mug!"
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
144 88
a girls pussy or cunt..whatever u wanna call it
'yeah she had a sexy poonanny', 'last night she let me touch her poonanny'
by mattdonns October 07, 2006
85 53
a women's pussy
damn she had some stank ass poonanny
by Fubu Platinum September 10, 2003
94 68
female genitilia
she has a rank poonanny
by Racheal June 02, 2004
86 62
a females personal spot down below
i want her poonanny
by billy burke October 11, 2003
69 50