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The noise a Mario Kart makes when it lands from a jump. ^-^
*Kart power slides and jumps* poomp!
by Rath Illuser September 09, 2004
1)a womans front bottom.

2)a female.
That girl has got a tight poomps.
Liam is a little poomps.
Where's all the poomps
by Shaaron Patel al doodoocryak April 30, 2003
A word used by Scottish people when someone 'lets one off'. Someone who poomps often, becomes a poomper.
Fiona "ooh, i just did a wee poomp!"

Alan "och aye, you're a lil poomper, you are"
by ParkwayDrivePpl. February 17, 2011
A wet blanket (stick in the mud).
Vanessa is a poomps.
by Jo Richards January 07, 2004
Skinny matchstick - someone who eats salad at someone else's birthday. And shares it at that!
As in 'Sadia is a poomps'
by ydm November 03, 2006
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