A term used to describe getting very drunk and vomiting in the street.
"Oh look, Jane is doing a Pookie"
by Yiuwin May 05, 2007
A term of endearment used for a loved one. Often used when one is arroused sexually.
What do you want to do pookie?
by jamie April 07, 2005
A common name for someone in the hood
I'd like to give a shout out to ray ray ,lil john pookie n dem
by Chela March 28, 2003
1) a wee sized toot (fartette)
2) garfield's teddy bear
oops! there goes another pookie
by lisa November 12, 2002
the sweetest lil name (which i thought was MY invention, silly me, huh ) that i could find for my honey, Robbie (with a lil heart over the i) ... btw, if you are reading this, pook, ... well, i really do love you
i bet i have the best pookie in the entire world
pookie, let's never ever fight again
oh, pookie, i wasn't this silly sweet till i met u
by cali blue May 11, 2006
a cute darling of a boy, mainly Nick!
oh my darlin pookie nick!
by Sean January 15, 2004
A pookie, also referred to as a 'pookie-head', is someone who takes MDMA, also known as 'rolls' or 'ecstacy', in excessive amounts. Pookies incur a large spectrum of symptoms, including incessant talk of the last time they 'rolled', a psychological addiction to MDMA itself, showing off the fact that they take MDMA by wearing pacifiers, etc. Eventually, a severe pookie seems to be out of touch with the world in terms of reality and happiness. They seem drawn out, only awaiting the next time they take Ecstacy.
"That pookie Mike asked me to roll with him on Saturday, he said he's got this hotel room set up. Didn't he just roll last weekend?"
by PregnantPickle October 12, 2005

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