the name for an awesome person to share your life moments with. a great listener and crazy as hell at the same time.


a person who gave poliee her name.
poliee thinks pookie is badazz!
by poliee August 13, 2008
A crack head, as in the character from New Jack City, Pookie.
Yo Mike is just strung out, he can't function when he's pookied up.
by azzhole415 January 05, 2008
Pookie means sexy, HHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOT, intelligent, cute, fiery, caring, honest (impatient) girl, with the best boobies and tushee. There is only one such Pookie, and only ever will be, and Pookado loves her.
Pookie is marrying Pookado. Pookie will let Pookado have the remote in recognition of his superior monopoly and solitaire showdown skills. Pookie will also engage in various sexual acts of explicit nature with Pookado every night.
by Pookadoo March 27, 2007
a straight junky crackhead
did you see that pookie smoking crack in the alley
by jim2345678 August 10, 2009
1.)An extremely flamboyant and sometimes overly homosexual man.
2.) Someone who is cheap, frugal and refuses to shave their beard no matter how much it looks like a bears pubic hair.
Hey Pookie quit staring at that guys ass!
by New Diesel October 16, 2008
usually a pet name, used when trying to persuade your girlfriend to videotape sex
man: hey pookie, this time, lets get it on camera
woman: -leavs boyfriend-
by llshyll August 06, 2008
To always be acting like a dork; Constantly being weird.
"That girl Alyssa acts so pookie"
by Brian Shelly July 18, 2008

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