Pookie means sexy, HHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOT, intelligent, cute, fiery, caring, honest (impatient) girl, with the best boobies and tushee. There is only one such Pookie, and only ever will be, and Pookado loves her.
Pookie is marrying Pookado. Pookie will let Pookado have the remote in recognition of his superior monopoly and solitaire showdown skills. Pookie will also engage in various sexual acts of explicit nature with Pookado every night.
by Pookadoo March 27, 2007
A pussy and/or a bitch who wines and has no friends and is a big cock sucker
Shut up pookie
by kahk January 14, 2012
1) The term for a Dick in jail!
2) meth pipe.... also refered to as a "glass dick"
1) guy in jail (straight)- You better keep they faggot ass pookie away from me or ill rip it off ! Bitch!!!

Guy in jail (faggot that thinks he's gotta establish dominance) - Ok!Ok! I'm a little bitch that was told things about jail that rarely happen and thought thats what I had to do. Sorry I'm a Fucking Retard

2) some time back in the 70's

(guy just released from prison) - Damn bitch I just got out come sit on my "pookie" its been a long time.

(Tweaker bitch) yeah I love me some "pookie" .... Damn instead of calling that meth pipe a glass Dick I could just say pookie !

(Guy just released from prison) For a Fucking tweaker that's pretty Fucking smart! I hated smoking out of something called a glass Dick anyhow. And the police won't know what we are saying anymore.
by Mr. GoodLuck September 30, 2011
Ghetto girls that think they look cool calling themselves "Pookie" When really they are just a waste of space. They think they are ghetto, but really live in white communities. Overall pookie is a pathetic way for white homies to holla at their girl.
Ay yo pookie get yo fat ol ass over dis way
by SamTheMan610 July 20, 2011
To always be acting like a dork; Constantly being weird.
"That girl Alyssa acts so pookie"
by Brian Shelly July 18, 2008
A zombie from "Call of Duty: World at War" that has had his legs blown off or in some rare cases shot off by a "ray gun."
"Oh shit this fucking pookie is fast and he is chasing my ass, damn!"
by LatexMastermind May 12, 2009
usually a pet name, used when trying to persuade your girlfriend to videotape sex
man: hey pookie, this time, lets get it on camera
woman: -leavs boyfriend-
by llshyll August 06, 2008
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