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Rabbit ghost, or apparition. From Brittan/Welsh folklore. Sometimes seen as tall as a man. Could torment people, like tricksters, (mucking around in your fields and crops), but were also known to help and warn people. Has made its reapearance in pop culture in films, animation, cartoons & evil bunny iconix.
The rabbit-man apparition seen in the film Donnie Darko(2001) is an example of a modern pooker tale.
by Sophia C October 31, 2006
11 40
A sweet and kickass game; a cross between snooker and pool. There are 15 red balls, 1 black ball and a bunch of rules that are pointless. It is played with a mop handle. Yeah, that's right, a mop handle.
Hey, homeboy, do you wanna go play some pooker? No, it's a game, not a sexual act.
by Drew and Chris Peacock March 16, 2009
110 22
Plagiarism, Copyright, Theft Fraud
To pookers to steal and pass off work as your own
by Phreakz July 29, 2011
13 7
Somebody who smokes weed, but smokes it wrong, & then to fit into his/her legit-high friends, acts that there high, if there a first time pooker, and don't know what high feels like, they can be a total give away that they are not high.
:Duuude! I see unicorns!,

:Uhhmmm, you can't hallucinate from this drug pooker!
by Dgshh June 23, 2011
11 11
Someone you are head over heels in love with and know that this is the only person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Someone who you can't live without. Also known as your true love or soul mate.
pooker, noah, snuggle bear, hunny bunny, man candy, sugar lips, sex kitten, my one and only, soul mate, lover bits, boobear
by BLE, ALLI, POOKIE January 31, 2010
38 44
A person who is randomly in the back of your photo. (not meant to be there.) The person could be just there or making a face. - Creeper.
Person#1: That was a awesome photo!
Person#2: Yea, but look at that pooker behinde you. Creepy.

ruined photo
by Pooker-In-Your-Photo January 14, 2011
8 15
In connection with pookie a pooker is the person pooking the pookie.

A term of affection from a person who is known as pookie.
I love you pookie, --love pooker.
by Jacob and Lisa Brown July 03, 2006
42 66
Small, friendly, innocent creature (usually pink in colour). Has a tool implement instead of its left hand.
The eager Pooker rushed out onto the street and was hit by a car.
by Alex Sains February 18, 2004
27 51