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the scent of feces clinging to one's hand, even through handwashing with soap
OMG, i've got the poohand!!!1
by L33T_M@JIXX June 02, 2003
What results when people have a poo, and don't wash their hands.

The transfer of faecal matter from the anal passage to the palm of ones hand.
"Dudes, I was having a slash today, and Adam came in, had a disgusting great shit, then didn't wash his hands! He's eating his lunch now with serious poo hands."
by Weekeseylovespies February 24, 2009
Someone who poops in their hands for money.
Look its poo hands he did it for like 10 dollars.
by hamtizzle January 28, 2011
When you pick up your dog's poo while out walking it and afterwards feel like you have poo on your hand even though you never touched the poo
Oh my god! My face is itchy but I can't scratch it because I've got poo hand.
by Thedogwalker1234 June 25, 2016
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