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When taking a poop, the consistency of the poo is creamy resulting in a goop of poo on the toilet paper when wiping the bum is known as poo goo.
I just used up half a roll of toilet paper to wipe off the poo goo!
by Muck_mroo January 23, 2011
19 2
older thai male with gleaming, luscious six pack abs. hard to the touch and drives the girls wild.
look at the poogoo on that guy!
by frostynipples September 10, 2010
6 2
The slick residue in your butt crack when you haven't wiped well enough after a thorough dump.
I was in a rush when I took a dump at the amusement park and now I'm walking around with some of poogoo in my crack.
by midnightsalad June 13, 2011
3 1
a nicer word for the female private area.
The gyno checks out a womans poogoo.
by countryfedxdancer16 May 24, 2006
4 9