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A website where you search for poo. Poogle Search. Rim Job Pink Sock
I went to poogle to search for poo.
by Vanilla May 30, 2004
6 13
verb. to use a mobile device to browse the web while evacuating one's bowels
When I went to the bathroom, I brought my iPhone so I could poogle some information about area restaurants.
by douglasb October 07, 2007
101 25
dog, a hybrid breed, Poodle & Beagle mix
My dog is 1/2 Poodle, 1/2 Beagle. She's a Poogle!
by Poogle owner September 01, 2006
38 17
The act of taking a poop while using google. Typiclly on an iPhone.
I took a poogle.

I'll poogle it.

I was poogling.
by Tim Blade October 05, 2007
25 13
To look something up on a smart phone or tablet whilst sat on the toilet
"Hey you were in the toilet a long time!"
"Yeah, I was trying to remember who won the 1966 world cup so I poogled it."
by Hank awesome April 05, 2012
7 1
silly little neopet thing
My poogle is named lala.
god what a poogle
by neopet freak April 30, 2003
35 29
(verb) To search for information on the Internet/World Wide Web while sitting on, or using, a toilet to defecate.
Right after coffee, I usually sit down in the bathroom and poogle spiritual experiences.
by SscoootzZ September 28, 2012
4 1
to "poogle" is to search for internet porn on the web browser Google. Coined by infamous masterbator/DJ : dj Dribble.

Please advise: The act of Poogling is not limited to searching for scat porn...
Yes honey, another hard day at work, although I did manage to fit in a five minute poogle break and squeased one out in the restroom. Thank you G chrome!
by poseidon69wetdream February 17, 2010
7 7